Tuesday, November 01, 2011

#Chrome #security is a bit too much

The logo for the Hindi #Wikipedia is used as an illustration on a previous post. Illustrations like this can be saved from the "page view info" that is available by right clicking a web page.

Chrome apparently does not like the Hindi Wikipedia; it does not only prevent me from accessing the page view info, the information is incorrect as well.

I did use Chrome before today. I am quite happy for Chrome to provide me with a security warning; I hate it when it prevents me to do my job.

Particularly nasty is the warning:
The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected either high-risk insecure content on the page or problems with the site’s certificate. Don’t enter sensitive information on this page. Invalid certificate or other serious https issues could indicate that someone is attempting to tamper with your connection to the site.
Such warnings should be taken seriously and reported but I am quite happy to use Firefox in stead.
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