Sunday, November 13, 2011

#CLDR, the name of languages in Serbian is in lower case

At we prefer to use information from the CLDR. Sometimes we get a query why a specific message that uses CLDR information is incorrect.
Is there any parser that converts the words between it to lowercase? Value of $1 variable in this message, in Serbian, should be lowercase. So, Translation statistics for Serbian would be Статистика превода за Српски, which won't be gramatically correct since language names in Serbian are written lowercase.
We use the names of languages from the CLDR and we encourage our localisers, our languages support teams to look at the content of the CLDR because we do use it in our MediaWiki software.

When the data as provided by the CLDR is problematic, we can hack it. The fact is that we really really do not like to do that.

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