Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank you Domas ! - #Wikipedia stats are here again

As our projects mature, the amount of data they generate grows. The infrastructure needed to manipulate data grows as a consequence. The result is that hardware solutions provided by some of our finest reach the end of the line. Domas has provided us with hardware where the raw data of our traffic was stored. A whole infra structure of statistics depended on it.

This included the official Wikimedia statistics. This is where the need for a Wikimedia data solution became all too obvious. In moments of very heavy traffic, the old server could not cope and finally it just run out of steam. With the new solution, we will have more consistent data and we have more of a growth path. Obvious because the WMF is now in control of the whole chain.

Finally a word of thanks to Domas. As a result of his generous gift we have a lot of statistical data starting at a time where statistics did not have the priority it has today.

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