Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holy cow, mobile devices morph #Wikipedia

Communicating that Wikipedia will change is the surest way to get into a fight. As far as I am  concerned, Wikipedia has to change and one of the best reasons why Wikipedia has to change is because people are using different devices to access a MediaWiki site.

Yes, Wikipedia will have to change drastically but how will it change? One of the early signals is in what happens in the mobile development. Brandon gave a "brown bag" meeting in the office. It has been recorded and really, if you do not want to be surprised, look at the recording, chew on it and look again.

It has things on recent changes, interwiki links, allow for editing or not. The behaviour on devices is discussed and really I recommend you watching it. Watch it again and rethink all the things that are taken as the Wikipedia gospel. It is good that things are reconsidered, revisited and reimplemented.

Mobile is where we grow, what we need to be support more and more in the future.

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