Friday, November 25, 2011

#Translation sprint in Pune is one for the whole world

The #Wikimedia #Localisation team is in Pune #India. Tomorrow we have a translation sprint at the University and our intention is to seriously beat some records. The record for the most translations in an hour, the record for the most translations in a day, the record for the most contributions of translators in a day; they are all up for grabs and we intent to break them.

We expect some 50 people at the university.  They are going to translate and they are all going to start together. Our team is available to explain, support, authorise. But when we can do it for the people in Pune, we can also do it for the people of India who want to help us. When we are at it, we can do it for people from where-ever.

When we are done at the university, we will be flying home. Happy to see our family again but we are not the only ones who support the community. It will be interesting to see how we cope, how well the server copes and how hard it will be to break the record now and in the future.

So help us today, localise for your own language and break every record we have in our book.


Sudhanwa Jogalekar said...

Hi Gerard,

The sprint went very well.
He had people working on Marathi, Hindi, Konkani, Punjabi and Gujrathi.

Do you have any statistics of the work done during the sprint? Will help us in further work.


Alolita Sharma said...

Sudhanwa - where are the photos? Let us know when you make them available.

Thanks for supporting the translation sprint. It was an awesome start :-)


Daily Pune News said...

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