Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hackasaurus or let's edit #HTML

Wikisyntax; it has people wake up screaming at night. Developers hate to touch the MediaWiki parser. Rumour has it there is maybe only one maybe two who have a fighting chance to work on it.

When Hackasaurus was introduced to me, it provided me with a tool to see how a page with multiple languages shows what expected HTML looks like: showing a language tag for content that is different from its surrounding content.

<p lang="nl"> and finally </p>
The fun thing of this tool is that you can change things easily. It is meant to be easy as it is intended to teach kids HTML. We specified the language in the "p" tag. It is very much a visual editor and even adults love it. Some people say; you can do with HTML-5 everything that wikisyntax allows you to do. As wiki syntax was meant to hide the HTML, it would be nice to consider if we have not come full circle and drop the Wikisyntax and just use the later version of HTML.

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