Saturday, November 26, 2011

A #translation sprint and an intro to #MediaWiki hacking

The verdict on the records is out; the day is not done yet. The biggest thing was when a Panjabi woman was thrilled to be able to just type Panjabi in the Symbiosis computer lab.

This was a revelation shared by other people in the room for other languages. Supporting many Indic languages is available for many operating systems. Never mind how cool it is to support you with Narayam and WebFonts, it is much better to have support local on your local device. This not only provides you with the support you deserve in Wikipedia but also in all the applications you might run. You know what, installing this is not that hard.

At this time 40+ new people created a profile at, many people have experienced that it is not that hard to support Free Software by helping themselves make the software available in their own language.

The second part of the day, the technical part was too short but many people got a clue what MediaWiki and its infrastructure is about. For us to be in Pune has been a privilege and, it is really cool to see the functionality we are so passionate about being used in earnest.
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