Friday, November 11, 2011

#Wikimedia highlights for October

Many people are eager to know how the Wikimedia Foundation is doing. Every month there is a long publication in English with everything you want and do not want to know. It can be translated, but it is considered too much of a burden on our translator community. In order to get the main message out anyway, there are highlights that are available for translation at Meta.

Once a translation is ready, the highlights can be referred to on the local village pumps of the projects for a language.

The latest Wikimedia highlights, the one for October, are looking for translators. When you make a request for translation, the translator should easily be guided to what needs doing. Two improvements to the original request have been implemented;
  • When you click on the article link, you will see the text in the language you prefer
  • When you click on the translate link, you will be shown the text fragments for your language
Meta is a multi-lingual project and it can be expected that people have set their user preferences to their mother tongue. When they do, we can provide them with translations when we have them.
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