Sunday, April 19, 2015

#Wikidata & #Amnesty - Raif Badawi II

One important thing to consider with people like Mr Badawi is that they do not operate in a vacuum. He has a sister, Samar, she is married to Waleed.

All three have had their troubles and tribulations with Saudi officials. All three have spend time in jail, all three are watched by Amnesty International.

It is important to know and understand these connections. People are not only a "human rights activist", they have family, they studied, have a job. They are part of their society. When Wikipedia or for that matter Wikidata only informs about one aspect, it is not really a neutral point of view.

Yes, they are notable for their human rights activities. It is by not ignoring who they are that we provide more rounded information. In this way our information becomes more encyclopaedic and thy gain relevance as a person.

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