Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#Wikimedia and politicians from #Nigeria

The Wikimedia blog mentioned the fight against corruption by Johnson Oludeinde. Johnson states that information needs to be shared widely and consequently it is relevant to have information about all Nigerian politicians.

There are many of them, there are the chiefs, the governors and the senators to name but three categories. The senators that have a Wikipedia article are now known as a Nigerian senator in Wikidata but also as a Nigerian politician.

At this time we know about some 700 Nigerian politicians in Wikidata. This information can be expressed in all languages including all languages from Nigeria. Given that Wikipedia still has no article about Chief Willie Obiano for instance, it is safe to say that most Nigerian politicians past and present do not have a Wikipedia article either.

Adding information in Wikidata is easy. It makes it easy to make information widely available particularly when its search results are added to the Wikipedia search.

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