Sunday, April 12, 2015

#Wikidata - David Laventhol; a great #journalist who supported journalism

David Laventhol was an important journalist. His career was stellar and his positive on American journalism was huge. Mr Laventhol died recently and his legacy is even more relevant than the work he did professionally.

Many journalists including Mr Laventhol realised that journalists are persecuted in many countries for doing their work. Mr Laventhol was involved in organisations like the committee to protect journalists and the International Press Institute.

When someone like Mr Laventhol dies, it is a great moment to remember the work he was involved in. It is a moment to add statements for the journalists who are celebrated for their efforts to bring news to us.

In this way we celebrate our human rights. It starts with adding the statements, more statements may follow, labels can be added in all our languages and as a result we may learn that a free press comes at a cost.

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