Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Babel templates on the Karalapak Wikipedia

These is the Babel information of Atabek. He is active on both translatewiki.net and on the Karakalpak Wikipedia.

The Karakalpak Wikipedia is a young one and, Atabek is apparantly of the opinion that providing information about his language skills is important. He imported the templates that are necessary to provide information about himself. He did not create several categories and other stuff and consequently his Babel info looks rather red.

Had the Babel extension been available on the Karakalpak Wikipedia, I could add my Babel information as well. As it is, I do not want to burden a project that should concentrate on growing its number of articles.

Providing the functionality of the Babel extension seems obvious. It is used at translatewiki.net and other Wikis.. What does it take for the Wikimedia Foundation to accept it?
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