Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The White House supports OpenID

Techcrunch informed me with this news: "US Government To Embrace OpenID, Courtesy Of Google, Yahoo, PayPal Et Al."

I think it is brilliant news for OpenID and I expect it will help make the Internet a different place because your contributions are more likely to be attributed to you. I think this demonstrates that the US government understand what they are doing.

If there is one fly in the ointment, it is the OpenID providers are limited to big cooperations and I am not sure if I want to trust my data to Google, Yahoo, PayPal, AOL, VeriSign, Citi, Equifax, Acxiom, Privo or Wave Systems. I already have an OpenID and I would expect it to work as well.

At that, I would love the Wikimedia Foundation to adopt OpenID. We know it works and I would feel more comfortable when my identity on the Internet is not associated with commercial interests.

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Purodha Blissenbach said...

There is an OpenID Extension for Mediawiki that you can use to obtain your OpenID without having to deal with any of those potentially untrustworthy commercial companies. Why not use it in either, or both, of OmegaWiki, and, to begin with? KrefeldWiki is going to have it with the upcoming software update.