Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Suriname material of the Tropenmuseum

As promissed, the material of the Tropenmuseum about Suriname and particularly the Maroon has been uploaded to Commons. When I look at the material, I find that it is spectacular for many reasons.
  • it is not only photos, watercolours and prints, there are also large numbers of pictures of all kinds of objects
  • the annotations are often quite big and are very informative

The picture on granman Jankoeso for instance shows the elected head of a people. And, the Maroon are not one big group but many different people with different languages and cultures. The most relevant thing the Maroon have in common are that they are black and are the descendants escaped slavery.

Many pictures of objects are included, what is quite extraodinary is that the Tropenmuseum wants to include quality pictures. Pictures with labels or scans of old dias have been excluded; they may be uploaded when a new picture is available.

An example of a scarf made of Cotton, one of many textiles in the collection ..

I hope you will enjoy this collection as much as I do.
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