Monday, September 28, 2009

What benefit of as a WMF project ,, tweets. This recent tweet is more then interesting as it indicates that a future where is a Wikimedia Foundation project is possible. It asks the question, what the benefits and what the drawbacks are of such a move.

  • It will make it obvious that the WMF cares about language support
  • will gain more recognition as a project
  • It will  make more sustainable
  • It may attract more developers to
  • It will attract more localisers to
  • More open source applications can be localised at
  • The WMF community may want to influence some of the policies
  • eh..
The WMF itsekf is not in the habbit of determining policy for its projects, it is people from the communities who sometimes have their expectations. These people join and once they understand what it is that we do, there are few problems.

It is exciting that as a WMF project is being considered.. Do you see any other advantages or drawbacks ?
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