Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wikivoices - Episode 48

Wikivoices episode 48 is different. Typically a Wikivoices episode is typically a topical conversion of a group of people. This time, Adam Cuerden took the initiative to explain how to edit historic sound files.

He explains what to do with a great performance of Emmy Destin who recorded Rusalka of Antonin Dvorak in 1915 in Campden. Emmy Destin was a prima donna in her time and it is a great performance.

Recording of a phonograph cylinder has its hisses and ticks and Adam does a great job explaining how to use Audacity for the restoration of sound files. Audacity is a great tool for the job, there is an implementation for Windows, Macintosh and Linux and there is a localisation in many languages.

The combination of an explanation in sound and text makes for an exeptional and superb Wikivoices episode.
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