Thursday, September 17, 2009

A 853 MB zip file

When I showed to the Tropenmuseum what kind of restorations we have done, I showed among many others the restauration of the Hotel del Coronado. One of the aspects that got their attention was the quality of the stitching and how many of the technical issues were solved that go with a work that is divided in two.

I know that Durova is in for a challenge, but this is a 853 MB zip file containing twentynine TIFF files. These 29 files represent 29 shots of one Indonesian story "cloth" (I do not know the proper English word :) ). This is something that is something like 15 meter long and has been photographed by the Tropenmuseum in one go in one place by moving the cloth along in order to keep the same lighting for the whole session.

This is the kind of challenge that sends shivers up my spine. Just consider what it will do to your system when you are to manipulate one such file. Then consider that you have to make 28 stiches and, ensure that it stays whole for all of them.

As I understand it, this story cloth is one of the items that the Tropenmuseum has in stock. Once Durova has finished this work it will be much bigger then the biggest TIFF we have manipulated before. Her work will be available under a free license and it will be a challenge how we will get this file on Commons.
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