Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Request for help and there is more to it even when your language is out of Africa...

Anloc, the African nework for Localisations is seeking help to add as much information as possible to the locale information about African languages. They want as many people as possible to come to their project and provide information like translations of languages, the sorting order, how you write a number, a date or the time.

There is some urgency because on October first, the deadline for new languages and new information expires for inclusion in the CLDR or the Common Locale Data Repository. Open Office for instance relies on this data in order to support a language.

There is more!! We use this information in the MediaWiki software and we are really reluctant to compile this information in translatewiki.net as well. So our request is go to Unicode's CLDR website and see if the data about your language or in your language can be perfected.

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