Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Categorising the most read articles

I loved Jimmy's presentation at Wikimania. The slide I liked best is this one:

It shows a categorisation of the 100 most popular pages of some of the bigger Wikipedias. The premise is that some of the Wikipedias have moved away from the traditional encyclopaedic content.

At Wikimania I asked Bellayet of the Bengali Wikipedia to provide me with the numbers for his project. These numbers indicate that encyclopaedic information are really popular.

Geography 23
Science and Tech. 19
Other 16
History and historical figures 14
Culture and the arts 8
Politics and Socity 6
Sex 6
Popular Culture 4
Mathematics 3
Health 1
Current Events 0

It would be interesting to learn what articles people are looking for that they do not find. I would not be surprised when the most missed articles show what people are looking for. When these articles have been written, it will be interesting to learn how popular these articles turn out to be. Not only from internal searches but also when found through search engines.
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