Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LiquidThreads is inching its way to the finish

LiquidThreads has developed over a long period of time and, it seems to be getting ready for the "big time" and that is great news.

LiquidThreads replaces the existing talk pages. It will make these conversations manageable. Being able to summarise or move a thread.. to quote from what has been said before.. all this makes it much easier to respond and still be understood. I like the notion that it will be possible to move a thread to the talk page of another article.

As the previous incarnation of LiquidThreads is used by sites like WikiEducator, I suggested to people to look there for a talk page on steroids. I am really happy with all the improved functionality and usability.

When you want to experience what it is all about, LiquidThreads is now installed on one of the prototype wikis.
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