Friday, May 06, 2011

Do they eat cashew sprouts in #India ?

Hidden among the many pictures of Malayalam loves Wikipedia, there is a picture of a bucket full of cashew sprouts.

Cashew - sprout
Bucket full of cashew sprouts
Because it is a picture of a bucket full of cashew sprouts, these sprouts themselves do not get the detailed attention they deserve.

cashew sprouts
When you google for "cashew sprouts" there is not much to find. There are no pictures of cashew sprouts either so I wonder, why do they have these sprouts in a bucket? Are they going to eat them, are they going to plant them?

There is no one Indian cuisine and if there is, I love it. However, I have never had cashew sprouts in a dish. Probably there is much in the Indian kitchen that you can only taste in India.
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