Sunday, May 08, 2011

Preparing for the #MediaWiki #Hackathon|Berlin 2011

The expectations for the Berlin hackathon are high. The program is filled to the brim and, everyone wants to get the most out of this meeting.

Running parallel to the meeting of developers there is a meeting of the language committee. It is no less technical and filled with issues that impact the development and reach of the Wikimedia projects.

Nothing has a bigger impact then the ability to be able to read in and write for a particular language. When you cannot see the text, you cannot read it. When you do not know where to find the characters on a keyboard, you cannot enter search for an article or write an article.

At the hackathon, Trevor and Alolita will be there and Santhosh is eager to show the integrated user interface of the Narayam and the WebFonts extension. For many languages the availability of the functionality these two extensions represent is essential. The availability of these extensions facilitated the gift by  Mr Prabu M Rengachari of his Pagul font for the Sourashtra language.

We hope and expect that these developments will meet with approval so that we can bring improved language support to all MediaWiki installations.
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