Friday, May 06, 2011

They eat cashew sprouts in #India

The responses on my previous "cashew sprouts" blog post came quickly and were fun.

Cashew sprout dish

നിരക്ഷരൻ said...
These sprouts are normally available during the season immediately after the rains. Those fallen nuts lying on ground and somehow missed to pick up by harvesters, would have germinated in the fertile soil by this time.

Another lot comes from the late crops. Some of the ill-fated cashew fruits(+nuts) are late to mature. If the rains have arrived before they are harvested, the seeds become useless for normal market consumption. In this case, they are better used at home either directly or after slight sprouting, in 'curries'.
Sprouted cashews make it in the meals of the people who work the cashew trees. It must be a different "taste sensation" and I wonder if restaurant chefs cooking Indian dishes elsewhere would be interested in another Indian ingredient.

On a different note, I do not expect that questions like this will get an answer on Commons. With over 10 million images there must be people who have questions. What would be the best way to raise these and get them answered..
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