Friday, May 06, 2011

The #MediaWiki #Hackathon|Berlin 2011

When people meet in real life, when they come together for something like the Berlin hackathon, the results can be magic. This coming hackathon will be magic because the ground is being well prepared.
  • Brion did set up an environment with the Wikia WYSIWYG software
  • Krinkle will be there and can help Toolserver people with the internationalisation of their tools
  • Alolita will talk with the language committee about language support including WebFonts and Narayam
  • Santhosh has shown how quickly a language can be supported with a font, a web font and support in Linux
  • Michael is the undisputed king of bringing characters into Unicode, into fonts and ensuring the required quality
  • ...
The talent that will be around has the potential to move things forward. The trick will be to be happy with any and all things that get achieved. It will be different from what can be expected any way.
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