Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A #GLAM in #Mexico city

The "Museo de la Ciudad de México" has four #Wikipedia articles. It does not have its own website and consequently a presence on the Internet as we expect it from a museum of this standing does not exist.

Mexico, the city has quite some history and consequently a museum dedicated to the city has quite some story to tell. It goes all the way from before the Aztecs, to the conquistadores and modern Mexico.

For us citizens of the Internet, connecting to a GLAM that is still mostly in an analogue world is quite a challenge. You do not contact the museum directly as it is governed by the municipal government. But still, in the end it is the partnering with the museum people that makes for a productive relation.

A partnership with a museum like this will break new ground for the Wikimedia GLAM movement; it will not be all taking place in cyber-space. The foundations for mutual partnership will always have a real life component.
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