Monday, May 09, 2011

#GLAMDerby plays the multi-lingual card

On #Commons and #Wikipedia there are an increasing number of wonderful GLAM projects. To get attention for a new project, you have to think hard on how to promote a project, how to give it that little something extra.

The Derby museums pulls out all the stops with two great novelties. In recognition to the multicultural population of Derby, their "Wright Challenge" is open to everyone who writes an article about the treasures housed in these museums.

What makes it extra special is that objects in the museum will be tagged that will show you with QR codes that will show you an article in your language when it is available.

The Alchemist in Search of the Philosopher's Stone, by Joseph Wright, 1771

The "Wright challenge" is also a competition that will run August 27 with an announcement of five Wikipedians who impressed the judges the most on September 3 the birthday of Joseph Wright of Derby.

This is definitely a Wikimedia project; not only is it a very inclusive project, the organisers are really happy to share their expertise. The QR code on this post was created for the Hamburg Museum to demonstrate the multi-lingual technology.

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