Monday, May 23, 2011

#Incubator needs #WebFonts the most

When a new #Wikipedia is requested, it is becoming increasingly likely that special needs including web fonts will make a big difference in the development at the incubator.

When such needs are identified, there are several issues that need to be considered.
  • the language needs to be available for selection in the user preferences
  • a freely licensed font has to be available for use in the WebFonts extension
  • an input method has to be available for use in the Narayam extension
Typically the managers at will add the configuration for a new language once the "most used messages" have been translated. The availability of a font for a language supported requires that the language is selected in the user preferences. This would no longer be necessary when we can properly identify an article on the Incubator as being in a particular language.

Experience with the Sourashtra language shows us that it takes little time to include new fonts. It is just an additional thing that we may have to take care off.

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