Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#mwhack11; Managing the #stack of #MediaWiki

#LAMP is considered to be that stack. It could also be seen as a pyramid of functionality. When you look at this illustration for LAMP is that "Application" represents any application.

As MediaWiki is the application that runs Wikipedia, it is obvious that language related technology in the LAMP stack is of special relevance to us. With some 270 Wikipedias in as many languages it has a coverage that is bigger then some of the standards that should cover "our" languages as well as all the others.

At translatewiki.net we feel the pain of the missing data. We feel it for MediaWiki, for Mifos, for many of our applications. To alleviate this pain, we can use what we have. We know what is in the CLDR, LIB-C; this can be merged. We have a community representing all the languages we support who we can ask the data for their language.

We have discussed this in the WMF language committee at the Berlin Hackathon, we discussed it with the translatewiki.net managers. It is now a matter of finding out how best to do it, do it and get the data that is new into the standards where it belongs if it to support the whole stack.
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