Sunday, May 01, 2011

#SEO and #Wikipedia

It is often observed that when a Wikipedia article is written, it does well with the search engines. Still search engine optimisation has relevance to the Wikimedia communities. Relevance because of our aim of sharing information with all people of the world and because we want to double our reach in five years.

When more people find our articles, we do a better job in achieving our aims. There are some things we can do to increase our reach and there are things the search engines should do.

The most obvious thing we can do is have the articles to be found. They should be rich in wiki-links and illustrations and even quoting sources makes some difference. We can enhance the ability of people to read our articles by providing web fonts but this should also impact the behaviour of search engines.

When the search engines know that we provide web-fonts, they can make searches like കൗതുകം and കൌതുകം equivalent; for a native Malayalam these are the same and as we present a text in the latest Unicode encoding a search engine could present us as a result for both searches. 

Our articles are often found on the first page of search results. If your aim is more traffic for Wikipedia, write articles that are popular when you write it.
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