Thursday, May 26, 2011

When friends work on supporting #India

Santhosh asked his friends at #Fedora, what is new in Fedora 15 for Indic support. As a favour they blogged about this. New is not only support for the Pangul font for Sourashtra, but also there is support for the Meetei-Mayek script.

Meetei-Mayek was used for the Manipuri language until king Ningthau Pamheiba who ruled Manipur in the 18th century ordered everything written in the script to be burned. The script has been resurrected, it got its place in Unicode, a freely licensed font was created and it is already available in Fedora in the newly released Fedora 15.

Had king Ningthau Pamheiba lived today, he would not have been able to be as destructive; the Meetei Mayek font Eeyek Unicode is available for download, there is an on line editor, Santhosh will include it in debian and make it available in the WebFonts extension. In this way it is already available for the moment when we can properly indicate when the Manipuri language is used with the Meetei-Mayek script.

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Michael Everson said...

That Meetei Mayek font does not have any of the historic extensions currently under ballot.