Sunday, May 01, 2011

The #Wikia sponsored translation rally is finished

The community did exceed itself:
  • 59 users made 500 or more contributions
  • 56,650 new translations during the rally
  • 63,516 total translations during the rally
  • 212 active translators during rally
  • more than 100 languages benefited from the rally
The two people with the most translations share 100 EURO and this turned in a race with four people making more then 2000 localisations. The remaining 900 EURO will be divided in parts of 15,25.

As internationalisation and localisation is both an architecture and a process, we received many questions for support. This resulted in the documentation of many messages. These messages are the unsung heroes in our quest for quality; the time invested in documentation pays off because of the many translators who benefit.

Through these questions best practices are formulated or strengthened. Two messages are about messages used in different places. Centralnotice-multiple  is used in the language and the project column. As language and project have different genders, the message cannot be the same. Another question is what to do with such messages. The best answer to that is to let our translation memory suggest translations a translator will have to decide what to do.

Like the localisation work, the export of the localisations is a continuous process. They will find their way to the applications translatewiki supports and will find their way to the users of these applications.
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