Wednesday, July 06, 2011

#CTM11 Kunst macht Frei

At the Kunstpalast we celebrate the 10th conference of communicating the museum. Us Wikimedians are challenged to communicate to the communication experts of some of the best museums how to make the most of Wikipedia. A conference starts when the doors open and, we can only talk when there is coffee to drink, lunch to eat or when people are tired of too much information.

As we add to the information overload, it makes sense to bring the information close up and personal but also relay the information people are looking for.

The first session is in progress and, there already several points to make
  • Have yourself a template for your museum and tag every object we have on Commons. This will allow us to generate statistics both for number of articles and number of visitors.
  • A modern artist has relevance when a museum has works in its collection. There are two opportunities: have an article on the museum website and refer to this on the article. Particularly for young modern artists it is important to have some images of their work under a free license so that the artist can be marketed.
  • It makes sense to have a reference of an artist to a museum. This is how we can help people to the closest museum where an artist can be experienced.
  • Museums do understand what NPOV means; what they need is a text that is not only fact laden but also well written. A good article is well written and the facts that we know is not necessarily the whole story.
One reason why it is nice to be here in Dueseldorf is the air conditioning. We are working on our own WIFI so that we can demonstrate our projects to good effect.

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