Wednesday, July 06, 2011

#CTM11 digital is nice but the original is impressive

the original barnstar
At the communicating the museum conference people are talking about how to get recognition for their museum. As a consequence, they are talking about the museum as a brand. Some say things like, the brand is the most valuable thing for a museum. I like marketeers, they sell everything including museums and when they do their job well, a museum is visited, well known and relevant.

This relevance however is not because of the brand. It is not about the collection, it is not about the presentation, it is about the whole mix. Nowadays it is cool to have an iPAD or what have you presentation, it is cool to have the latest gizmo that makes the visit immersive. It is cool..

For me though, seeing the objects that you know so well in a digitised format is the kicker. The vibrancy of the paint in a painting, the structure of the brush strokes. The paper in a print, it gives the original a vibrancy, a vibrancy that makes it come alive.

Go and see the works of arts you know, they are even better in real life.
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