Thursday, July 07, 2011

#CTM11 #Tate and #Tate and #Tate and #Tate and #Wikipedia

One reason for GLAMs to come and talk to us is because they do think the articles on their museum, their collection can be very much improved upon. There are obvious things that can be improved upon:
  • lists should be in reverse chronological order
  • permanent collections are more relevant
  • information on temporary exhibitions should time out
Such things make sense. When you have, like the Tate, multiple locations each with their own article, it becomes a bit distressing to be told not to edit.

People in GLAM do understand NPOV, they understand the need for sources. What they also understand well written articles. Well written is not the same as marketing speak but it is very much a step up from the current accumulation of facts.

I introduced the ladies of the Tate to John, I informed them about many of the vagaries of editing Wikipedia and I am sure that the articles about all the Tates will become a much better read.
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