Friday, July 08, 2011

#CTM11, what impact does your #GLAM have on #Wikipedia

Wikipedians found your freely licensed content and are using it. You want to know what impact your material has so what is it that you can do. It is important to realise that we can and do have statistics. These statistics show where material is used on what wiki and it shows traffic.

These statistics make use of templates on Commons. These templates are used to identify images for its source. When the source is you, it makes sense to have your own template.

When you start with an existing template like the one for the Tropenmuseum, it should be fairly straightforward to copy it and butcher it so that it can be used for material that is in your museum.

As you add these templates to the material, it will become possible to run our statistics process for you. Typically you will find that over time your material is used by more articles and consequently traffic goes up.

Yes there are tools to find references to your GLAM and yes, there are people who can run bots to include your template for you. There are plenty of opportunities and we welcome your input.
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