Saturday, July 09, 2011

#CTM11 - the day after

We have communicated the museum in Düsseldorf and on this day after, I watched it rain cats and dogs while having a nice breakfast at the Meliã. We as Wikimedians have been presented a great opportunity to reach out. Many museums understand why partnering with us helps us both realise our mission. Some things to share:
  • there was this beautiful path in the park from the Meliã to the museum...
  • in our lounge we had ethernet cables available and tables and chairs ... this brought people that much closer to us
  • our audience understands why our statistics provide powerful information to them .. now for us to appreciate this when we reach out
  • when a lounge is yours to reach out from, there must be always someone there
  • the presentations that I missed will be on the website
  • when a conference is about communicating, twitter and blogger are your friends.
I want to thank all the people I had the privilege to meet; you are great.
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