Wednesday, July 06, 2011

#CTM11 Museums do not pay license fees

A museum in Belgium specialised in modern art was send a bill for 6000 EURO per annum to pay for using images of art in its collection on its website.

Guess what: they shut down their website removed all the offending imagery and despaired a bit. A museum makes the name of an artist, when an artist can be found in a museum his value increases.

The one reason for not paying the license fee is because a typical museum does not have the money for such silliness. If an artist wants to be known, it has to license its collectors for their work. That is how they make their name. The money through license fees is a pittance anyway when you deduct the administrative cost.

Really license fees are a pain, a pain that hurts. A pain that prevents artists from making their name. A pain preventing artists from finding their public.
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