Saturday, March 03, 2012

A logo for #Wikisource

The "official" logo for Wikisource is a bit funny. It is an iceberg about to keel over. It has been the logo used on most Wikisource projects and apparantly I am not the only one who does not like it.

According to the bug 33907, the plan is for the Marathi Wikisource to have its own logo. It is very much a logo for the Marathi Wikisource and it needs some adaptation when it is to be used for the Gujarati Wikisource.

What I would like is to have the logo for Wikisource revisited. The Marathi example is more obvious for a source project. It beats an iceberg that reminds people of the Titanic any day.


Michael Everson said...

The Gujarati image is beautiful and should simply be adopted for all Wikisource projects to use (with their own alphabets).

belett said...

The idea is nice but the drawing as really to be improved (done in SVG in the first place, unreadable and too close to Wikipedia logo).

I very hope it won't go like the wiktionaries (with a lot of very different officials logos).

GerardM said...

I sympathise on the technical merits. However, having a logo that is similar but absolutely not the same is better then the current instability in that iceberg. This proposal gives the notion of family..

Unknown said...

I *love* this new logo! I hope it gets adopted (and adapted, obviously) by other Wikisource communities too!