Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#WebFonts for the #Tibetan #Wikipedia

Some time ago we enabled the Jomolhari font on translatewiki.net for the Dzonghka language. It is not only Dzonghka but also the Tibetan language Denzongkha and the Ladakhi language that use the Tibetan script.

Being able to support the Tibetan language is particularly relevant as there is a Wikipedia in this language. For this reason the Jomolhari font was enabled for Tibetan as well and we are now looking for confirmation from the Tibetan community that they are happy with the result.
As you can see on this user page at translatewiki.net, the standard text shows readable Tibetan thanks to the WebFonts extension. The text to the right in the Babel user information however shows the Unicode blocks. This indicates that WebFonts does not get triggered.

As you can see in the edit screen, the text is explicitly marked as Tibetan. When WebFonts is enabled on a Wiki and when Tibetan is configured  with one or more fonts, Tibetan will show properly. The HTML in the Babel user information however does not include a language attribute. It should.

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