Friday, March 09, 2012

Fixing #terminology in #translatewiki is easy

The most important objective of is to make it easy for our localising community. Another really important objective is to make sure that we facilitate all the needs for our localisers.

When we learn that a particular community localises on their local wiki, we really want to understand why. When we do, we will look for a solution that will make localisers more efficient and preferably reconsider using translatewiki.

At this time localisation is done locally on the Sanskrit Wikipedia. The argument to do this is because a lot of work is going into deciding on the best terminology used. Once the community has decided on what word or phrase to use, the changes that reflect the decision are made locally one at a time.

Translatewiki offers an alternative that is much more efficient. It is possible to export the messages. The result is a text file in the "gettext" format and all it takes to replace the changed terminology is to use the tools available in any decent text editor. Once this is done, the updated file is uploaded to complete this task.

Every language on has its portal page and the Sanskrit portal should include references to the used terminology. This will prevent a person new to localising Sanskrit from using the terminology that he or she likes best.

Obviously it is up to the Sanskrit community to do as they please. Localising in an environment dedicated to localisation makes the people involved in localisation more efficient. The benefits of  their work will be widely shared and the developers at are eager to learn why their environment is not good enough. They will fix things where it is broken.

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