Monday, March 26, 2012

Translate reports of the #Hungarian #Wikimedia chapter

Like so many chapters, the Hungarian chapter writes monthly reports. Their main audience are the members of the chapter and for them Hungarian is a must. Many of the international partners and relations need the same report in English.

The Hungarian monthly reports are really needed in two languages. Having them translated in other languages would certainly be appreciated; the German WikimediaWoche for instance refers regularly to newly published chapter reports. This is a great argument for having reports translated in German. When people want to translate the Hungarian reports in another language, adding that language is only a click away.

Obviously many more chapters post their monthly reports you can also find them on . Having the reports both in English and in the language of the land seems obvious. When more chapters translate their reports, it becomes relevant to translate the pages on Meta that point to these reports as well. This in turn will promote the translation of the reports of other chapters even more.

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