Saturday, March 03, 2012

New templates for new #Wikimedia projects

People do request new languages on Meta. When a new language is requested, people will have to comply with a series of requirements. They are things like the localisation of messages, the writing of a few hundred articles that allow us to assess if what is written is really in that language..

When the requirements are met, when the members of the language committee are happy with the results, an e-mail is send to the chair of the board of the Wikimedia Foundation with the recommendation to approve the new project. Typically these recommendations are followed.

The next step in this workflow is the creation of a bug in bugzilla requesting the creation of the new Wiki. At that time specific technical information is needed. This information is needed by the Wikimedia engineers to create the project.

Robin made changes to the template and, we have changed the request for the Gujarati Wikisource. This request is in the final stage and we want to learn if the changes to the template make it easier to complete the necessary information.
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