Friday, March 30, 2012

#Chennai Hackathon

The Chennai hackathon has come and gone. There has been a report on the India mailing list. It is a wonderful report, many people who should be interested will not read it because they are not subscribed to it.

The projects people worked on were very diverse:

  • Wikiquotes via SMS - @MadhuVishy and @YesKarthik
  • API to Rotate Images (Mediawiki Core Patch) - Vivek
  • Find list of unique Tamil words in tawiki - Shrinivasan T
  • Program to help record pronunciations for words in tawikt
  • Translation of Gadgets/UserScripts to tawiki - SuryaPrakash [[:ta:பயனர்:Surya_Prakash.S.A.]]
  • Structured database search over Wikipedia - Ashwanth
  • Photo upload to commons by Email - Ganesh
  • Lightweight offline Wiki reader - Feroze
  • Patches to AssessmentBar - gsathya
  • Parsing Movie data into a database - Arunmozhi (Tecoholic) and Lavanya
  • Random Good WP India article tool - Shakti and Sharath
  • Fix bugs on tawiki ShortURL gadget - Bharath
  • Add 'My Uploads' to top bar along with My Contributions, etc - SrikanthLogic
  • WikiPronouncer for Android -  Russel Nickson
  • Wiktionary cross lingual statistics - PranavRC
Most of these projects deserve attention of a larger public. They represent missing functionality or they have a different approach to something we are struggling with. They are all by people who have a keen interest in the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and as such they represent our "latest generation". 

There is too much great stuff in this list to single out in this blog post. Then again, there is always the next blog post.

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