Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The #Santali language and the Ol Chiki script II

A request for a #Wikipedia is made for the Santali language. The request was made for use with the Latin script but Santali language is also written in the Ol Chiki script. It stands to reason that when a language is written in multiple scripts, it is relevant for the people who read that language to have fonts available for all the scripts in use. It is unlikely that the Ol Chiki font is part of any standard operating system.

When you are interested in an Ol Chiki font, one resource that pops up when you search for it is Wesanthals. Several fonts can be found at this website. Sadly they are not available under a standard free license. The good news is that we are reaching out to developers of Ol Chiki fonts.

When we do have fonts available under a free license, we can provide support for the Ol Chiki font in WebFonts. A text in Ol Chiki will be tagged like this:
<div lang="sat-olck"> </div> or <span lang="sat-olck"> </span>

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