Sunday, March 11, 2012

The web is Multilingual - #multilingweb

Presenting at the conference about the Multilingual Web will be fun. When you read what the conference is about, what they ask presenters to include in their presentations is interesting:
  • existing best practices and/or standards that are relevant
  • new standards and best practices that are currently in development
  • gaps that are not covered by best practices and/or standards
In so many ways, what we do is implement the best practices as we know them. We are establishing best practices and are running into the gaps of the standards regularly because no other project supports the 412 languages that have an existing Wikipedia or are requesting a Wikipedia

It is great for us to have two people at this conference; we will learn a lot from the other presenters and from the people who attend. We expect that many best practices are set into a professional environment. Our environment consists of dedicated volunteers. The monthly update to our community of localisers at has 4600 recipients. Our puzzle will be to adapt what we learn for our setting.

We want to learn about translation work flow, we want to discuss what to do about languages that are not yet supported in the CLDR. Most of all we want to learn what we do not know, our blind spots. 

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