Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baglama - #statistics that make a difference, that demonstrate impact

Arguably the #GLAM partners of the #Wikimedia foundation are its most relevant partners. They share through us a wealth of imagery and data. Among other things they help us illustrate our articles.

What they provide us with is high in numbers and high in quality. It is dropped in Commons and, it is then for the Wikimedia communities to make use of this wealth.

Baglama, one of Magnus's finest tools, has had a refresh and it shows again what impact any given collection has. It shows the page views they generate. This information is vital; how else can you prove that providing us with freely licensed media files makes a difference, gains a public? What better way to convince that we make a difference?

The Tropenmuseum for instance has much of its impact in Indonesia. Its collection is used more on the Indonesian than on the Dutch Wikipedia. 

What the Tropenmuseum collection proves is that Western museums can have a big international relevance. When they collaborate with us, they have an impact in the countries where their collection originated. This message is as relevant to the Wikimedia communities as it is to the GLAM institutions. We could and should care more about those collections that are not "local". Collections that are typically underfunded.

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