Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#Wikidata - Mr Ramashankar Rajbhar, member of the Lok Sabha

The elections in India are underway. They will select representatives for the constituencies for the Lok Sabha. Mr Rajbhar is an incumbent and, he represents Salempur in Uttar Pradesh.

When people are to vote, it makes sense to know who they vote for. Once the results of the elections are declared, it helps when information is available about the people who represent them.

As you may know, it takes considerable effort to write articles and for many if not all representatives there is no article in all the languages of India. For Mr Rajbhar there is only an article in English, there are no labels in any of the languages of India.

When labels are added, these politicians can be found in their own language in Wikipedia. It is a first step. To know who represents a district, someone has to add this information. Most districts are known at Wikidata, add labels and they can be found as well. At statements about who represent the district and, people will know who to write to.

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