Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Using #Reasonator to label #Wikidata - Devdas Gandhi or ദേവദാസ് ഗാന്ധി

When you add labels to Wikidata, the items become available in *YOUR* language. Given that a label-a-thon will take place to support Malayalam, we are preparing for the event. A label-a-thon has three main messages:
  1. once you are set-up, it is quick and easy
  2. you can do a lot really quickly
  3. you make a difference
To set things up, you 
  • create your user page on Wikidata. 
  • on it you add your #Babel information
  • in Reasonator you set your "personal settings"
  • finally you authorise Widar to edit on your behalf in Wikidata
You can search in Reasonator in any language; in the screenshot we search for "Gandhi". The results show in Malayalam. When you hover over something that is red underlined, you have the option to add the missing label. Netha just did Devdas Gandhi and she is happy to report that all the labels now show in the search results.

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