Monday, April 21, 2014

#Reasonator - the premier of New South Wales

When you consider #quality, there are many approaches to it. When Mr Neville Wran died, it was the right moment to mark everyone who held the office of premier of New South Wales as such. That is the quantitative approach to quality.

Making sure that there are pictures with places he is associated with or indicating who preceded and succeeded him provide more in depth information and that is a quality as well.

It is good to pay some attention to the incumbent of a function. Mr Baird assumed the office on April 17th.. The information about him got some tender love and care.

Funny is the text associated with his predecessor; "43rd and current Premier of New South Wales".. It demonstrates the problem with fixed text nicely. With automated descriptions that is not much of a problem; they do the trick in any language given enough labels.

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