Friday, April 04, 2014

#Reasonator - Tancred, Prince of Galilee

This fine man from Normandy, has an extended family. When you look at his "family tree", the software stops when it says: "11464 people loaded, 9 queries to go". 

What amazes me is the sheer amount of effort that has gone in adding all these relations. As far as I am aware, this is all done by hand. Tancred is not the only example with too many relatives to show.

When you look at the inline information in the Reasonator, you use the same functionality that can also be shown externally. When Magnus is to look at this bug, there are a few considerations:
  • he has to know about the bug
  • he has to have the time to fix the bug
  • it has to fit in his priorities
Magnus has a huge capacity to do all kinds of everything, he has a day job. Given all that, he does not scale :)

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